CDFI Ratings and Performance Data

In-depth due diligence and monitoring tools that support decision-making for CDFI investments

  • Rating Reports: In-depth annual analysis and ratings of Impact Management and Financial Strength and Performance

  • Performance Data: Standardized quarterly financial performance and impact data with key performance indicators
  • Investment Navigation Tools: CDFI selection using impact filters, performance-based peer analyses

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Data Services

Aeris Atlas, an integrated solution for collecting, organizing, and analyzing impact and financial data

  • Supports collection of investor-defined impact metrics, as well as narrative reports, visuals and videos
  • Alignment with existing accounting and emerging impact frameworks and taxonomies
  • User-defined analysis based on historical results and forecasted targets
  • Automated alerts to remind data contributors and notify stakeholders when data reports are available

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Impact Management Assessments

Independent verification of a fund manager’s capacity to deliver promised impact

  • Applicable to any type of impact fund
  • Evaluates alignment of a fund’s impact thesis relative to governance and management oversight, portfolio composition, impact measurement and monitoring, and impact management policies and practices
  • Grounded in 15 years of experience assessing U.S. community investments

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