Vice President of Business Development

Title: Vice President of Business Development
Supervisor: Chief Operating Officer
Work Location: Philadelphia or remote
FLSA: Exempt

Position Summary

Aeris invites a self-motivated, talented business development professional to join our team. This position is an opportunity to leverage your client relationship management skills and knowledge of finance and banking, to help guide capital to historically marginalized communities and people in the United States. In this position, you will play a key role in deepening Aeris’ relationships with capital providers in the community development finance field, with success measured primarily by growth in the firm’s client base and annual revenue.

You will

  • Identify, develop, and manage a pipeline of prospective clients for Aeris’ services.
  • Convert prospects into revenue-generating customer relationships.
  • Maintain and develop customer relationships through upselling, cross selling, and consultative relationship building.
  • Leverage Aeris’ customer relationship management (CRM) system for pipeline management and forecasting, and other recordkeeping.
  • Manage participation in, and organization of industry convenings/events, both virtual and in-person.
  • Track and manage the subscription renewal process.
  • Track and report on key performance indicators and business metrics.
  • Effectively use Aeris’ CRM system (SalesForce) to support business development and client relationship management activities.

Your professional experience should include

  • Bachelor’s degree; graduate degree a plus.
  • 8+ years of experience in business development and sales in financial services or related fields; work with mission-centered financial institutions is a plus.
  • Experience with customer relationship management (CRM) systems desired; preferably
  • Demonstrated record of success in client relationship management, development, and expansion.

Your knowledge and skills should include

  • Broad understanding of financial markets and terminology required. Previous experience with impact investing a plus but not essential.
  • First-hand knowledge of the characteristics and mechanics of institutional business development and sales.
  • Superior interpersonal and relationship-building skills, ability to work in teams, and ability to work well with diverse constituents
  • Excellent written and verbal communication of a professional quality
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office 365 applications.

No extraordinary physical requirements beyond ability to travel (5%).


A Short Introduction to Aeris

Aeris is the leading expert in the analysis of the financial and impact performance of community development financial institutions (CDFIs) and other private impact loan funds. These mission-driven financial institutions make loans and investments to generate deep social and environmental impact in communities. Drawing upon our in-depth knowledge, Aeris guides capital to good by providing indispensable tools and solutions to more than 200 corporate, government, and philanthropic CDFI investors and other stakeholders. Since 2004, Aeris® Ratings, analyses, and data have grown to cover more than 150 CDFIs managing more than $19 billion in loan capital.

Submission of Applications

Applicants should send resume and cover letter as email attachment to, with subject line “Search: Vice President Business Development.”

Quality Standards Manager

Title: Quality Standards Manager
Supervisor: Director of Ratings & Analysis
Work Location: National remote

About the position
Aeris® seeks an experienced financial services professional to join its rating analysis team as Quality Standards Manager. Aeris’ analyses and rating reports on community development loan funds (“CDFIs”) cover financial strength and performance (based on the CAMEL methodology), and the effectiveness of the social and environmental impact management of the CDFIs’ programs. These reports are written by experienced analysts and the Quality Standards Manager works closely with the analysts and the operations team, with the responsibility to ensure the depth and accuracy of due diligence and the clarity of writing, as well as to coach and mentor analysts through the process.

Aeris guides capital to good®
Aeris® Ratings, analyses, and data cover more than 150 CDFIs managing more than $19 billion in capital. We have helped more than 200 investors – from financial institutions to wealth managers – source, underwrite, and monitor investments in CDFI loan funds.

At Aeris, we envision a future where all communities are vibrant, racial equity is the norm, and environmental sustainability is a reality. We believe it is possible to achieve large scale, lasting social, environmental, and economic impact through the work of CDFIs, which go far and deep in serving the hardest to serve communities. Aeris provides analysis and data that helps broaden and increase investments in CDFIs.

Our rating analysis team are mid- and late- career financial services professionals who have successfully contributed their substantial knowledge and expertise in the financial services field to help realize this vision.

Primary Work Responsibilities
You will perform a quality review of the CDFI draft rating reports written by Aeris analysts to ensure that

  • Analyses address all relevant issues related to the financial strength and performance and impact management effectiveness;
  • Opinions are relevant, sound, and substantiated;
  • Narrative meets a publication quality standard;
  • Facts and figures are accurate; and
  • Report adheres to Aeris’ format and writing conventions.

You also will

  • Coach and mentor analysts to hone their analysis and writing skills;
  • Contribute to the refinement of analysis presentations, identification of emerging issues for the field, and development of tools to support the analysts; and
  • Participate in Rating Committees.

This is a full or part time (minimum 20-hour-week), work-from-home position. Some flexibility to accommodate fluctuating workflow and deadlines is required.

Your professional experience and skills should include

  • Deep experience in financial due diligence, particularly in underwriting financial institutions or structured funds for investment, including qualitative aspects of organizations.
  • Interest and success in coaching and mentoring credit underwriters.
  • Sound judgement of financial strengths and weaknesses.
  • Solid understanding of accounting concepts.
  • Writing skills of publication quality.
  • Excellent attention to detail.

Additional desirable qualities include:

  • Understanding the issues, trends, and operations of community investment loan funds or other sectors of the impact investment field;
  • No extraordinary physical requirements beyond ability to travel.


Submission of Qualifications

Please send statements of qualifications electronically to: Karen Seabury, Director of Ratings at

Statements of Qualifications should include:

  1. A cover letter stating your interest and relevant experience
  2. A full resume or CV

Search: Quality Standards Manager
Aeris Insight Inc.
100 South Juniper Street, Third Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

CDFI Data Analyst

Title: CDFI Data Analyst
Term: Part-Time Contractor
Supervisor: Associate Director, Operations and Ratings
Work Location: National remote

Position Summary
Aeris Insight, Inc. seeks a qualified consultant to provide financial analysis and assist with data cleaning as Aeris expands and maintains our CDFI financial and portfolio performance database.

Candidates must have working knowledge of lending institution financial statements, particularly for nonprofits, and demonstrated capacity to interpret financial audit reports. Qualified consultants must also have excellent numeracy capabilities, written and verbal communication skills. Reliability and attention to detail are critical.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

      • Review and proof internally-generated quarterly financial statements submitted by CDFIs, following up with the CDFI and Aeris staff to address potential errors and obtain missing metrics.
      • Spread audited financial statements for CDFIs into an Excel workbook for upload to the Aeris Cloud.
      • Set up new CDFIs for reporting to the Aeris Cloud.

Work is managed and performed in Excel and in the Aeris Cloud, Aeris’ proprietary online database, with key success measures being quality, quantity, accuracy, timeliness, and team work.

Type of Contract:
Aeris seeks to enter into a retainer agreement with a qualified consultant for up to 45 days of work per year. Work is seasonal with the peak period in February, May, August, and November. Training on how to interface with the Aeris Cloud will be provided.

Interested consultants should send resume and cover letter with hourly rate to:

Search: Data Contractor
Aeris Insight Inc.

Financial Institutions Rating Analyst

Title: Financial Institutions Rating Analyst
Term: Full-time or part-time contractor
Supervisor: Director of Ratings and Analysis
Work Location: National remote

Position Summary
Aeris offers mature financial professionals the opportunity to use your financial analysis and credit skills for social good. We are seeking qualified candidates to join our team of experienced financial analysts. We provide rating reports on community development (CDFI) loan funds across the country that support impact investing.

      • The impact management rating is an assessment of how well a CDFI pursues and achieves positive change related to its mission and impact goals.
      • The financial rating assesses CDFI strength from the perspective of an unsecured investor with a 3- to 5-year investment horizon.

You will

      • Be assigned rating analyses of specific CDFIs.
      • Analyze the most recent five years of financial information, including audits, portfolio performance reports, and Aeris standardized financial spreads, ratios, tables, and charts.
      • Review written policies and narrative documents relating to impact, financial performance, and management, such as strategic plans, board minutes, and underwriting policies.
      • Conduct one to two days of interviews with management and board members.
      • Write the rating report, averaging 50 pages in length, including opinions on the significant strengths and weaknesses, descriptions of programs and processes, Aeris standardized tables and charts, and explanations for changes.
      • Present the rating report and recommended rating to the Aeris rating committee.

Analysts are supported by an operations team that produces initial financial spreads, and a quality review team to ensure credit analysis and writing standards.

Aeris management and experienced analysts are rating committee members. You will have the opportunity to qualify as a rating committee member after completion of several rating analyses, based on management’s assessment of your skills and Aeris experience.

Your professional experience and skills should include

      • Extensive experience underwriting financial institutions or structured funds for investment, including qualitative aspects of organizations.
      • Sound judgement of financial strengths and weaknesses.
      • Solid understanding of accounting concepts.
      • Writing skills of publication quality.
      • Excellent attention to detail.
      • Work well with rote processes, standard conventions, and project deadlines.
      • Proficiency in MS Office Word and Excel; experience with Salesforce is a plus.
      • Understanding issues, trends, and operations of CDFIs and other impact sectors is a plus.

Aeris analysts are mostly drawn from mid-career to semi-retired financial services professionals.
No extraordinary physical requirements beyond ability to travel. ADA/EOE

A Short Introduction to Aeris

Aeris guides capital to good. We are a rating and information service in the impact investing field, which has grown into a $500 billion industry over the last decade. Impact investments aim to address some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges as well as yield a financial return. Aeris provides ratings, analysis, information, and consulting services that bring accountability and transparency to impact investing.

Aeris was established in 2004, focusing first on rating private community development loan funds (CDFIs). These loan funds invest in women and minority-owned small businesses, commercial real estate, affordable housing, and community facilities in socially and economically challenged communities throughout the United States. In 2013, Aeris built a cloud-based platform to collect and manage impact and financial information on CDFIs to further support Aeris services and to provide impact investors with timely data.

More recently, Aeris began applying our knowledge, expertise, and tools to the broader impact investment world. Today, we are expanding the functionalities of our platform to offer impact fund managers a highly reliable SaaS product that supports the collection, management, and analysis of impact and financial performance data of their investments.

Part- Time Contract Terms

For part time Contractor positions, qualified analysts are assigned a minimum of three CDFI analyses per year when fully onboarded. Rating assignments typically complete over a period of four to five months with total analyst hours ranging between 80 to 120 per assignment. Some training time should be factored into the first three to four assignments.

Analysts scheduling is done roughly six months ahead although some scheduling flexibility is required to accommodate unforeseen changes. Site visits for management interviews are periodically scheduled; currently all interviews are being done remotely.

Compensation is based on scope of analysis and complexity of organization.

Full-time Analysts
Full-time analysts on staff work a regular 40 hour week with paid time off and benefits.

Submission of Applications
Please send applications electronically to Helen Leung, Chief Operating Officer at

To be considered, applications must include:

      1. A cover letter stating how your interest and relevant experience fit this opportunity, and
      2. A full resume or CV.