Federal Reserve Bank’s Call for Papers for CDFI Symposium May 2020

Aeris supports Symposium researchers with data resource

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, in partnership with the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta, Minneapolis, Richmond, San Francisco, the Board of Governors, and the CDFI Fund, has invited the submission of papers for an upcoming symposium focused on better understanding evidence surrounding community development financial institution (CDFI) activities and implications on policy issues affecting the industry. The St. Louis Fed requests that researchers submit via email papers that discuss empirical studies, policy implications and those that explore that all aspects of CDFI activities. Click here to read the Call for Papers.

Aeris is making its data available to researchers writing papers for the Symposium. Aeris collects CDFI impact, financial, operating and portfolio performance data for investors’ due diligence. The Aeris data set includes annual and quarterly data on capitalization, earnings, and portfolio quality on more than 125 CDFIs and annual impact data for approximately 90 CDFIs. Data spans 2004 to 2019; ranging from a minimum 3 years and a maximum of 20 for a small number of organizations.

Some sample data points are:

Total Assets Allowance for Loan Losses/Outstandings Current Ratio (Current Assets/Current Liabilities)
Unrestricted Net Assets/Total Assets Earned Revenue Deployment
Net Assets for Financing/Total Assets Total Contributed Revenue Total FTE Staff
Leverage (Total Debt/Net Assets) Financing Expenses Total FTE Lending Staff
(Unrestricted Net Assets + Loan Loss Reserves)/Gross Loans Receivable Operating Expenses (Net of Unrealized and Grants Made) Operating Expenses/Total # of Loans
Delinquencies (> 90 Days)/Outstandings Surplus (Deficit) from Operations Loans Outstanding $/FTE Lending Staff #
Gross Amount Charged Off/Outstandings Self-Sufficiency (Earned Revenue/Expenses)

The Aeris Explorer provides comparative data on standard peer groups, and also facilitates the creation of custom peer groups for analysis.

For more information please contact Helen Leung at info@aerisinsight.com.