Where Does Your Cash Sleep at Night?

by Paige Chapel, President & CEO, Aeris & Kristina L. Wahl, President, The Barra Foundation

Local giving is a priority for the vast majority of Exponent Philanthropy members. This is probably no surprise for those of us who associate charitable giving with supporting our local nonprofits, places of worship, or community members who are in need.

On average, like most private foundations, Exponent Philanthropy members give away approximately 5% of their assets each year. But what about the other 95% that are invested in return-generating financial instruments? Where does that cash “sleep” at night? In the local community where it can benefit people and places? Or on Wall Street?

These days, impact investing or mission-aligned investing are hot topics, but to many it is not always clear how to get started. We suggest taking a look at mission-aligned investment opportunities in your own backyard: investing in CDFIs and supporting a local social enterprise.

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