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Our data, analysis, and advisory services provide a road map to understanding community investments, and help you evaluate opportunities that meet your impact goals and risk parameters.

Fact Sheet

Looking for a CDFI investment that matches your impact objectives? Use Aeris’ CDFI Selector to search by impact area and geography to uncover new investment opportunities. Fact Sheets enable you to instantly explore the mission, focus, impact, and financial highlights of every CDFI on the Aeris Cloud downloadable for free in a convenient one-page PDF.

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AERIS Performance Map

Need access to real-time, detailed performance data on CDFIs for underwriting and monitoring—or simply to better understand an individual CDFI? Aeris Performance Map gives you access to real-time, GAAP-compliant financials, impact performance data, and all the tables and graphs from Aeris Ratings Reports. Aeris collects, cleans, standardizes, and maps quarterly financial, portfolio performance, and impact data for CDFIs, drawing on our accumulated knowledge and expertise in analyzing CDFI performance. View data right in the Aeris Cloud with your Web browser—or download to Excel to customize presentation, formulas, and ratios. Our a la carte pricing model lets you pay for only the CDFIs to which you want access.

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AERIS Explorer

Are you trying to understand how a sector or the whole industry performs—and how an individual CDFI compares? Gain critical insights into the performance of CDFI peer groups using Aeris’ industry-first, Web-based CDFI analytics tool. Charts and graphs summarize historical trends for key performance metrics, enabling you to understand a CDFI’s performance relative to its peers. Each sector-specific peer group comes with a narrative companion—the Aeris Explorer Report. Leverage this powerful analytics engine to create customized CDFI peer groups that help you build an investment portfolio–or monitor an existing one. You can also export data from your custom peer groups to Excel to incorporate Aeris’ analytics into your workflow.

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Aeris Rating Reports

Go beyond the data and gain critical insights you need to understand, underwrite, and monitor CDFI investments. Our flagship Aeris Rating Reports draw on Aeris’ deep expertise and our proprietary system for assessing CDFI impact and financial performance, risk, and mitigants. Aeris has issued nearly 500 CDFI ratings since 2004. View the current ratings distributions. With each Aeris Rating Report, you receive a 50-60 page in-depth analysis including analysts’ opinions, dozens of informative tables, charts, and graphs, five-years of historical financial and impact data, key ratios, and more. Through the Aeris Cloud you can access Aeris Rating Reports from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

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AERIS Opinion Report

For investors and funders that need to quickly understand a CDFI’s performance and the analytic rationale behind its rating, Aeris offers our Opinion Report, a 10-12 page narrative that contains a summary description of the CDFI, the analysts’ opinions, CDFI response, and financial statements.

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Is your firm seeking to create or expand a community investment portfolio? Need help understanding the performance of an individual CDFI? Don’t go it alone. Leverage the industry’s leading group of experts to guide your firm’s investment strategy. Aeris can create and apply custom financial and impact assessment tools, perform entity-level risk analyses, provide training on CDFI investment underwriting, or deliver a range of other services to suit your needs.

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