Aeris provides the only comprehensive, third-party assessment of community development financial institution (CDFI) loan funds, helping investors evaluate opportunities that meet their impact goals and risk parameters. Aeris Rating Reports draw on Aeris’ deep expertise and leverage our proprietary system for assessing CDFI impact and financial performance, risk, and mitigants. Aeris has issued more than 500 CDFI ratings since 2004.

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Aeris Impact Ratings assess an entity’s pursuit and achievement of its social mission, as evidenced by its products and strategies, use of resources, and its own impact measurement. This methodology can be applied to any type of mission-driven entity.

Aeris Financial Ratings assess capitalization, asset quality, management, earnings, and liquidity—often referred to as a ‘CAMEL’ assessment—of unregulated lending entities. Aeris evaluates the financial strength and risk profile of an entity in the context of its peers, but Aeris does not rely on statistically-generated benchmarks, due to the wide variety of business models and operating environments in the community finance sector.

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AAA1 is the best possible rating. CDFIs that receive a “+” also demonstrate leadership in public policy change. Click here for full definitions of the Aeris ratings scale, as well as the current distribution of ratings among CDFIs.