Aeris Issues First International Rating

Aeris has issued its first-ever rating of a CDFI outside the U.S.

Social Investment Scotland (SIS), a United Kingdom-based CDFI loan fund received a rating of AAA2, the highest impact rating (AAA) and second-highest financial strength and performance rating (2). Learn more about Aeris ratings.

SIS said in a statement that it initiated the rating in part to “blaze a trail” for the U.K.’s social investment sector. SIS plans to use its report with both stakeholders and investors to “demonstrate the strength of SIS, to attract more investment, and to help raise standards and transparency across the whole of the UK’s responsible finance sector.” Read SIS’ press release.

“There is an increasingly sophisticated investor population that is looking to get involved, and this [credit rating] is one way the movement has become more mainstream in the United States,” Alastair Davis, Chief Executive of SIS, told the national British newspaper The Times.

Aeris subscribers may now download SIS’ Aeris Rating Report by logging into their accounts at

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